Who we are

We are in the business of sports entertainment. Being active people ourselves, our dream is to extol the benefits and virtues of exercise. We believe exercise should be fun, and it should be fun for everyone. Our current goal is simple: Bring a little happiness and excitement into the lives of people. To achieve this, we produce unforgettable concept runs that bring friends, families, colleagues together, resulting in a collision of positive energy that will linger in the memories of all present long after the event has concluded.Team Action X is committed to providing only the best quality, always keeping in mind the values of the company:


 Start-great-finish-awesome Start something great, finish it awesome! Different Different is good, weird is better.
Respect Respect everyone. Communicate Communicate clearly and frequently.
Lightbulb Don't stop learning, especially from our own mistakes. Give-back Build trust that lasts.
Work-hard Work smart, play hard, stay healthy.

What we do

Owner of the world's most thrilling run, Run For Your Lives (RFYL).

RFYL is the world’s premier Zombie-infested obstacle course. Participants assume the role of either a Survivor or a Zombie in this one-of-a-kind event filled with thrilling chases, rocking music and kick-ass dance parties. Part obstacle course, part music festival, and a full on encounter with "the running dead", Run For Your Lives promises a fun day (and night) with friends, colleagues and evil ex-bosses alike. Now ask yourself: When was the last time you ran for your life? Visit RFYL main site @ www.runforyourlives.asia



Our Expertise


We help brands reach and connect with their target audience through a combination of online engagement and offline interaction. Through our sporting events well-loved around the world, we ensure maximum ROI on the sponsorship dollar by becoming the bridge between brands and the people.

Sports Entertainment

We seek to provide active fun for people of all ages through our unique sporting properties. Innovating for a higher level of engagement and enjoyment  at our events is the core of our business philosophy. At Action X, we bring people together to create happiness.

Event Technology

We aim to deliver novel experiences to our event participants through innovative use of technology. From mobile apps to RFID systems, we change the way people think about what is possible in a mass participation sports event. Real-time event data, more efficient event management and integration of mobile technology with event mechanics are some examples of our efforts to revolutionise the sporting entertainment landscape.
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Our team

Arthur Lin

Arthur Lin

Chief Executive Officer

Arthur’s main focus in life is on building people, teams and networks. He sets out to create positive lifestyle experience through interactive sports and techologies.

Lien Choong Luen

Lien Choong Luen

Key Advisor & Head of Strategy

Lien loves the interface between great ideas and amazing execution in order to drive big impact. On the personal front – whether it be mountaineering, adventure-racing, peace-keeping or reconstructing war-torn countries, he’s done it.

Yap Kwong Weng

Yap Kwong Weng

Global Developments Partner

Yap Kwong Weng is an outlier. A frontier entrepreneur, academic and social activist. A graduate of the US Navy Seal Training, believes that through the thrilling fun of Run For Your Lives, brings about good health and happiness by going through obstacles and surviving the zombie chases with friends.



General Manager

Grace is the voice behind the company. Her mind contains a labyrinth of ideas that sometimes she literally is the VOICE behind the people; the Mother Hen of the team.

Will Lin

Will Lin

Partner, Education Consultant

Doctor of Laws, Master of Science, Holder of top Government Scholarship.
Worked as senior manager of Nanyang Technological University, and had 10-years of experience in organizing large-scale activities, senior trainer

Seng Hong Ying

Seng Hong Ying

Brand Development Director

Hongying loves marketing – not the kind which you go to the supermarket for, but in-building the engagement, passion and loyalty for a brand.

Lora Luan

Lora Luan

Global Market Development Director

曾經文藝過, 也享受这个行业五加二, 白加黑, 非常夜總會的工作常態; 看著 Run For Your Lives projects 在全球落地有滿滿的幸福感。愛朋友愛實話愛美食愛拍照愛旅行愛自駕!

Zenon Chua

Zenon Chua

Business Development VP

Zenon’s belief: Every problem has a solution, it’s how we connect the distance between the two mystery points. Let’s have a chat.

Latest news

It was a one hell of a ride at RFYL Thailand

The weekend of 28th March saw the decrepit remains of the Wonder world amusement park turn invasion ground for Zombie and Survivor hordes alike. The inaugural Run For Your Lives […]

RFYL infects China and Australia in 2015

The infection is fast spreading towards the world’s most populous nation and the great down under. Follow us on our RFYLChina and RFYLAustralia Facebook pages to get the latest updates […]

RFYL Malaysia, Penang

Our 2nd Malaysian race happens in Penang. Registration opens this Friday, 6th March 2015 at 12pm. Follow our RFYLMY Facebook page to get all the latest updates.

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A message from our CEO

At Action X, we're innovating all the time, even when we're fast asleep. We strive to bring to fruition these wonderful ideas of ours so you will have new experiences to share. Asia is our playground and we invite you to join us on the slide to a whole new world.
Arthur Lin, CEO

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Address: 5001 Beach Road, #04-03, Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588