Enabling Heroes

Enabling Heroes

We are the leaders of the sports industry in Asia.
Being active people ourselves, our dream is to extol the benefits and virtues of sport.
We believe exercise should be fun, and it should be fun for everyone.
Our current goal is simple:

Bringing passion and happiness into the lives of people.


In our near future, human population will continue to grow and human species will differentiate into Human+, Human- and Humaniods. Our Earths resources will become more scarce and sustainability of our human communities will be more important to our survival and development.

Action X Vision is to build heroes for the world


Also known as heroes,
They are in control of their lives, they lead, create value and find solutions for tomorrow’s world.

Human –

They are usually controlled by
platforms and machines.
In order to survive they follow instructions and exchange their happiness,
time and energy for
basic survival resources.


Also known as bionic robots,
Humans who have most of their organs and
limbs replaced with artificial bio-material
and technology.

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