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 Serious about FUN


This is the soul of Action X. This is what we are made of.

We love to do fun stuff, but we are dead serious about it.

And we don't stop until everyone is having fun.

We believe in starting something great, and finishing it awesome!

Who We Are

We are in the business of sports entertainment. Being active people ourselves, our dream is to extol the benefits and virtues of exercise. We believe exercise should be fun, and it should be fun for everyone. Our current goal is simple: Bring a little happiness and excitement into the lives of people.

To achieve this, we produce unforgettable concept runs that bring friends, families, colleagues together, resulting in a collision of positive energy that will linger in the memories of all present long after the event has concluded.Team Action X is committed to providing only the best quality, always keeping in mind the values of the company:

 Start-great-finish-awesome Start something great, finish it awesome! Different Different is good, weird is better.
Respect Respect everyone. Communicate Communicate clearly and frequently.
Lightbulb Don't stop learning, especially from our own mistakes. Give-back Build trust that lasts.
Work-hard Work smart, play hard, stay healthy.

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